I offer:

    • A Level, IB, and Pre-U in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Further Mathematics
    • Support with personal statements, UCAS, Interview preparation.
    • University pre-test preparation (BMAT, UCAT, NSAA)
    • GCSE, IGCSE support in Mathematics and all Sciences
    • Scholarship application support (inc. Eton’s Kings’ Scholarship)

Headline Credentials:

    • MA and BA from the University of Cambridge
    • PGCE from the University of Reading with Science and Maths Specialisation
    • Further university study in Mathematics and Economics at London School of Economics
    • Over 5000 hours of tuition provided to date
    • Tutored since 2005, Full-time since 2015
    • Supportive of ASD, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia
    • Experience of a range of mental health challenges

I have always prided myself on reaching for high academic standards. At secondary school I achieved all A/A* grades in all GCSE subjects straight As in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics A levels. I was Head-boy at Leighton Park School which was an exciting opportunity and it gave me the opportunity to be a role-model to my peers.

I went on to study a BA in Medical Sciences/Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, a couple of years later being awarded a PGCE at Reading University. I taught in school for a short period before launching my tuition business, aimed at providing bespoke, personalised, education for individuals.

I first tutored in 2005 and found the experience immensely rewarding and helping a student reach his goal opened my eyes to the importance of a tutor and mentor. I became a full-time tutor in 2015 and in this time have clocked up over 5000 hours. I am truly committed to  ‘Developing Academic Excellence’ – shown by the excellent testimonials provided by my tutees and their parents. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.