• Tuition for 11+, 13+ , Ukiset, Scholarship and entrance exams , Ks3 English, Gcse / IGcse English and Literature , Drama
  • BA Hons in English, Qts/Pgce, enhanced DBS 
  • Experienced Language and Lit examiner with numerous boards including over 20 years with AQA
  • AQA visiting examiner for Drama , Drama moderator
  • Former Pastoral Head , Head of Lower School , Academic Attainment Leader for Ys10 & 11
  • Former Head of Dept
  • Language intervention teacher with Lexonik 
  • Oral language modifier for Uexams.
  • Former Sats KS3 Team Leader, KS2 Marker, KS1 test administrator

One of the greatest pleasures of working as an English tutor is the excitement of seeing each student’s unique response to a text or stimulus. While thirty three years of teaching in schools has been invaluable experience, I have had to be more flexible and adaptable as a tutor, than at any other time in my career. Working with a student on a 1:1 basis is immensely satisfying and rewarding as there is so much more opportunity to tailor work to a student’s needs and in return to see their breakthroughs and growth in understanding and confidence.

My best moments as a tutor? The students who have wanted to continue tuition after passing their exams – because they enjoyed the lessons!