What I offer:

    • International Baccalaureate Diploma (SL/HL) chemistry tuition
    • A Level chemistry tuition (all major exam boards)
    • ‘Head-start’ summer courses for A Level and IB chemistry
    • Undergraduate organic and medicinal chemistry tuition
    • University applications (personal statements, mock interviews etc.)
    • Competition preparation (RSC Olympiad and Cambridge Chemistry Challenge)


    • Doctorate (PhD) in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Durham University)
    • Master’s Degree (MChem) in Medicinal Chemistry (University of Manchester)
    • PGCE in Secondary Chemistry (Newcastle University)
    • Qualified Teacher (QTS)
    • IB Examiner
    • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
    • Member of the American Chemical Society
    • Member of the Society of Chemical Industry

Chemistry is founded on an astonishing fact: every single substance that exists – powders, crystals, gels, jewels, fragrances, fuels, drugs, dyes, sugars, fats, vitamins, and minerals – are all made from around 100 basic building blocks, the chemical elements.

Chemistry is a vital subject that is called the ‘central’ science because it links together the life sciences, earth sciences, physical sciences, and applied sciences like medicine and engineering. Essential for careers in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, studying chemistry also leads to careers in fields like medicinal chemistry, where chemists design drugs to cure aches, fight tumours, and help to make babies, and biochemistry, which has given us Nobel-prize winning technologies like CRISPR.

I have enjoyed a varied 23-year career in chemistry, the last 8 years of those as an educator and before that, 15 years spent in academia and industry. I am one of the most successful and experienced online chemistry tutors, having delivered over 6,000 hours tuition to students in 26 countries!

As a qualified teacher with three chemistry degrees and examining experience for GCSE, A Level and IB Diploma chemistry, I have helped hundreds of students achieve top grades and go on to study at leading universities.

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