I offer:

    • A level, IB, GCSE, IGCSE tuition in chemistry
    • Year 13 group lessons for exam technique focus
    • University preparation for chemistry inc. personal statements & extension work
    • University interview practice
    • Olympiad / Cambridge Challenge preparation

Headline Credentials:

    • QTS / PGCE with over 20 years teaching experience
    • Teacher at St. Paul’s Girls’ School for 12 years
    • Full time private tutor since 2010
    • Salters’ National Prize winner for chemistry teaching 2002
    • A Level examiner
    • BSc (1st Class) in Industrial and Natural Resource Chemistry 1992
    • PhD 1997
    • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry since 1988.

For me, one of the most wonderful things in chemistry is understanding that the fundamental forces that hold molecules of water to each other in droplets of rain and make ice float on water are the same forces that hold DNA and proteins together in living things: as chemists, we create models of increasing complexity which we then scaffold together to help us understand the way that matter behaves, and fundamentally why it does so.

Over my teaching and tutoring career I have taught many hundreds of students and many thousands of hours. I have developed my own resources, and am always honing my methods of explanation by constantly thinking about how students respond – even after all these years it’s never time to stop learning! Most importantly, I am still as excited about chemistry as I was as an undergraduate and want everyone who studies it at any level to feel something of that too. Whether it’s GCSE, A level or beyond, it’s all part of the same journey, and it’s a journey of both wonder and discipline of thought which I share with all of my students. Please visit my website to read some testimonials and find out more.