I offer:

    • High quality, highly rated GCSE and A Level Maths tuition
    • Prep for Junior Maths Challenge, inc. Kangaroo and Olympiad
    • Prep for the maths exams required for university entrance

Headline credentials:

    • Straight As at GCSE (before the days of A* grades)
    • Straight As at A level; Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry (before A*s)
    • Winner of both of my school’s mathematics prizes
    • Winner of the Dubris Award, that paid my fees to study Mathematics at university
    • Career mathematician, previously working as both an Accountant and an Actuary
    • Full-Time Maths Tutor since 2012
    • 100% 5 star reviews, all available on request

Tutoring 100s of students on a one-to-one basis has given me an invaluable level of experience to help students with differing starting levels and abilities achieve their goals. My students come from many different schools and over the years I’ve seen the teaching techniques of many different maths teachers, so know what does and doesn’t work for different students. I’ve also picked up an armoury of the best tips, tricks and techniques for teaching each topic.

I particularly enjoy helping good A level students take the step up from a B or A grade to an A or A*. I use a great program and excellent resources that helps many of these students achieve a comfortable A*. Some of my most rewarding successes though, have come from working with students over a few years, taking them from low starting points on to achieving top grades. 

My clients say it best:
– “it felt like a cloud had been lifted and that everything had started to make sense.” 
– “an amazing ability to inspire and teach a real understanding of maths.“
– “I don’t think I could’ve asked for anyone better to guide me through my maths A level.”