What I offer/Qualifications/Credentials:

    • A-level and undergraduate tutor since 1997
    • Former lecturer, Principal, and academic Barrister, School Governor
    • First class degree from Balliol College, Oxford
    • Author of historical and economic articles and books
    • Empathetic, professional teaching emphasising structure, technical knowledge, and argument
    • Highly rated as an young adult and adult tutor
    • Bespoke history and economics courses available for post-18 learners
    • Associate examiner for OCR, IB examinations, formerly CILEX legal examinations (2013-17)

I see the role of a tutor as that of a guide, to provide confidence and inspiration based on a firm grasp of detail and process. Over the course of the past 24 years, I have refined my abilities in alumni courses for American Ivy league universities, Russell Group seminars, and independent secondary and tertiary colleges including some of the most prestigious in London. 

I have always believed that education should however be personal, and have worked from early in the digital revolution to deliver engaging and bespoke programmes online which are complementary to school or university work. In doing so, I have myself learned from my students, and have been happy over the years to send many onto further adventures. I have an international as well as a domestic client base, and am able to be flexible with the timing and delivery of courses to accommodate different time zones. My students have come from all walks of life and have been marked only by a desire to learn, determination to work, and a sense of humour and resilience which I have encouraged. 


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