• Qualifications: MMATH MPHIL PGCE
  • Teaching & tutoring mathematics since 1999
  • Examiner & Examiner Team Leader
  • Mathematics consultant & content creator
  • AS/A2 Mathematics Tuition (all exam boards)
  • AS/A2 Further Mathematics Tuition (all exam boards)
  • GCSE Maths Tuition (all exam boards)
  • International GCSE Maths Tuition (all exam boards)
  • International GCSE Further Maths Tuition (all exam boards)
  • International Baccalaureate SL/HL Maths Tuition

There are no “stupid” questions. If answering your question will help to improve your understanding and confidence in mathematics, I will always be happy to do it.

With years of experience working with clients of all types as both a teacher and tutor and holding several positions at a major UK examination board, I have the subject knowledge (and patience!) to produce a variety of explanations and clear worked examples for you, whatever your current level of understanding.

My one-to-one tutorials involve lively discussions about mathematics and I will encourage you to explain techniques back to me once we have worked through them together. This provides an excellent way of determining your level of mastery and helps to identify the areas we should focus on next. As your understanding grows, you will become more confident and develop into a successful independent learner.

New enquiries are welcome throughout the year and if you would like to discuss mathematics tuition or anything else that I might be able to help with then please get in touch.

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