• Professional, full-time, one-to-one biology tutor since 1989
  • Oxford graduate with three life-science degrees
  • Unparalleled experience of all the UK examination specifications, plus IB
  • Full-time, professional online tutor since 2013
  • Students in 40 countries taught successfully online to date

I have been a highly successful professional, full-time, one-to-one biology tutor since 1989 and have been a full-time online tutor since 2013, tutoring up to 55 hours per week. I have specification-specific notes for every UK A level specification (AQA, OCR(A), OCR(B), Edexcel(A), Edexcel(B), WJEC, Eduqas, CIE, IAL and AQA international) and for the main GCSE specifications, plus complete sets of past papers and mark schemes for all A level and most of the GCSE specifications and the IB. I stick strictly to the task in hand i.e. teaching the specification and practising the relevant past papers so that you can get through this hurdle with minimum fuss and get on with your life. I teach students who are at school as well as those studying independently. It takes me 90 hours to teach the average A level and I can do it in one year, which compares very favourably in cost and time with traditional private schooling.