I offer:

    • Working with School children at KS3 & KS4 level, preparing and guiding them through the syllabuses, assessments, exams and GCSE/IGCSEs 
    • Working with Home Educated children, mentoring them through the entire KS3 and KS4 syllabuses plus full exam guidance and preparation
    • One to one tuition (KS3, GCSE & IGCSE level) for school children
    • One to one tuition for Home Educated children
    • Small Group classes for Home Educated Children from KS3 up IGCSE again including full preparation for the actual IGCSE exam


    • 100s of students taught and assisted to improve their understanding of the subject while boosting their grades  
    • Wealth of experience preparing children for exams, primarily the Edexcel IGCSE
    • Full time private tutor since 2015
    • Member of the Tutors Association
    • BSc Hons (Physiotherapy)
    • DBS certificate (updated annually)

Maths is an amazing subject and key to so many things we do in our modern lives. It’s a core subject that opens many doors, and in our increasingly technology filled world, mathematical skills are becoming ever more important.

Every student I work with has a different understanding of mathematics and needs a different approach. Some find maths a series of terrifying numbers and impossible formulas, while others find it a fascinating subject to be explored. My strong belief is that exams are not just about learning topics, but about applying those topics to problem solving questions and understanding the importance of exam technique. 

The key to my students’ success is using my many years of teaching experience to unlock their full potential and bring the best out in them. I love showing the fun side of maths and demonstrating that a problem isn’t just a set of terrifying numbers but an enjoyable challenge! Whether it is coaxing a number-shy student to take a brave step forward and discover some of the beauty of number magic. Or working alongside a talented student who needs an extra boost of confidence to discover their true ability.