Samantha Rae

French and German Tuition All Levels to Oxbridge

    • Very experienced and fully qualified tutor (MA Oxon PGCE Cantab)  
    • Previous Head of Department and Head of Years 10/11 
    • Professional tutor since 2003
    • Scholarship, 16+, GCSE and A Level preparation 
    • Full sets of Themes and Subtopic notes personalised for each student 
    • Year 6-7 transition courses and KS3 courses in French and German
    • Rigorous grammar teaching and brisk, lively teaching style

School Admissions Consultancy and 11+ 13+ 16+ 

    • School placement advice
    • 3, 6, 9 and 12 month preparation pathways
    • Interview practice

With 30+ years of experience in education, both as a teacher and parent, I am very well placed to advise on all aspects of secondary education. Students respond well to my very energetic teaching style, whilst parents value my input from, as it were, both sides of the desk.

In Languages, sadly, students are frequently demoralised and at a loss as to how to improve their grades, especially as these seem, all too often, to fall below those in other curriculum areas.  They thus appreciate my rigorous, exam-focused approach. Weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc tuition available.

As to school admissions and 11+, I am a valued and trusted contributor across the various 11+ forums on Facebook and Telegram and I have a wealth of experience and teaching resources to share with parents wanting advice on schools or preparing their children for assessments and interviews.

Recent students prepared for and/or studying at schools such as Brighton College, British School of Bratislava, Caldicott, Charterhouse, CLFS, CLS, CLSG, Epsom College, Eton, Guildford High, Haberdashers’ Boys, Harrow, Henrietta Barnett, King’s Wimbledon, Langley Grammar, Loughborough High, Merchant Taylors’, QE Barnet, Oxford High, RGS Guildford, St.Olave’s, Sutton Grammar, Tonbridge, UCS Hampstead, Wellington, Westminster, Winchester and Wycombe Abbey.

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